Dimension 2020

A year of emerging new image – insight into another sphere. (partially UV active) Acrylic painting / 100×150 cm

Primeval forest 2019

Acrylic painting canvas / 2x 150x100cm

mapping with sound realtime effects

Digital Forest 2019 – LES 3.0

☥ CS Team☥ Qwanap / Ambient Live ☥ Soaki Delayer / Psychedelic Techno ☥ RAAYA / Psytrance, Electronic ☥ Vdrh FF / Techno Live ☥ DCB Test ft. POM☥ SQARE☥ Edosh / Live Sax☥ Žižola 4 / kapela ☥ Fraktály☥ BAMBUFONOMAT☥ UV Area / Bodypainting

Digital Forest 2018

//FractalArt mapping (5m printed banners) main stage: Alienjedna
//LES- psychedelic multimedia forest installation:
Soaki,Vodrha,Raaja, A1, Todd, Siggy, Wana, Malkutah
FB video

Muzejní noc Mayrau 2018

FB video

“Muzejní noc” in the historical building of the Mayrau mine, Kladno CZ.Multimedia installation (2018)( Coltcha, Vodrha, Alienjedna, Ondřej Čištín)


news on CS, profiles of two musicians!

Raaya / Soaki

FutureGate Headz 2018

Filmfestival FB Epoxy Sculptures / A1

Head n1 Photogallery

Head n2 Photogallery

Head n3 Photogallery


2018 | A3 | Pencil on paper


PodSvícení 2017

(Kladno) C-S VJs – Projection

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    Otto Prutscher time. Two color glass material study in Cinema4D + Octane render.

Otto Prutscher time. Two color glass material study in Cinema4D + Octane render.


Little brother

2017 | 50×100 cm | Acrylic on canvas

Jewelry > Prismatic plexi earrings

Earring visualization animation:

Dynamic moire balls

Some special animation studies of moire balls, stripes and layers.

UV BP Exhibition 2017

Palác pánů z Kunštátu a Poděbrad
Retezova 222/3, Old Town, Prague


Fractal entities – Essence touch (2017)

– god of mountains and earthquakes
2017 | Fractal Art

– a god of death who lived in  – Xibalba “place of fear”
2017 | Fractal Art

Ah Muzen Cab
– the god of bees
2017 | Fractal Art