Time-honored legends, special versions of cult films, carefully selected news as well as the films awarded at the international festivals. The third annual festival of sci-fi movies FUTURE GATE traditionally brings to the screen a number of interesting shots. This year’s festival theme is the heroism and all its forms.

Special decorations prepared by Cybernetic-System, Psy.cho’s Nest and the Art of Nova.
Unique atmosphere will be completed as well by the themed exhibition of UV bodypaiting photos of naked bodies from UV Bodypainting by Alienjedna.

_MG_9744 _MG_9739 _MG_9753 _MG_9758 _MG_9759 _MG_9760 _MG_9791 _MG_9762 _MG_9779 _MG_9788 _MG_9796 _MG_9797


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