300×150 cm | 2016 | UV active (black light) acrylic on vinyl


2016 | A3 | Pencil on paper


Time-honored legends, special versions of cult films, carefully selected news as well as the films awarded at the international festivals. The third annual festival of sci-fi movies FUTURE GATE traditionally brings to the screen a number of interesting shots. This year’s festival theme is the heroism and all its forms.

Special decorations prepared by Cybernetic-System, Psy.cho’s Nest and the Art of Nova.
Unique atmosphere will be completed as well by the themed exhibition of UV bodypaiting photos of naked bodies from UV Bodypainting by Alienjedna.


Ancient mandala (2015)

Neverwhere 2

2015 | 11″x16″ | Pencil on paper

Clothing full print



2015 | 1 x 1,5m | Acrylic on canvas

Combination of metallic and uv active acrylics, under various lighting are visible different areas of the image.

Mr. Sun

Mr.  Sun strikes back

UV BP Exhibition Naky kafe 2015

UVBP Exhibition – Cross Club Cafe 2015

Zámek – PSY OA 2014

Zámek – Psytrance openair by Zero Point

Stage design

LIR 2014 Entry Gate

Design of entry gate banners and style.

Photos from festival > Photogalery

Close Encounters of the fifth kind

New Cybernetic-System colaboration.
UV Bodypainting outdoor photo shoot with a RGB laser and fog.


UV Bodypainting dance show 2014

UV Bodypainting dance show from Alienjedna on Vimeo.

Cyber Cube on PSY OA BIO (2014)

4x 2x5m poster