UV Bodypainting no.17 (2014)

UV Bodypainting no.16 (2014)

UV Bodypainting no.15 (2014)

UV Goddess – twelve Handed/Fractal creator (2014)

New catch from zero dimension, the concept of UV Goddess.
It is a combination of UV Bodypainting (merging 6 photos)
in combination with fractals background.

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UV Bodypainting no.14 (2014)

Christmas party at the airport lounge

Cybernetic-system stage concept


2013 | 11″x16″ | Pencil on paper

UV Bodypainting no.13 (2013)

UV Bodypainting dance show (2013)

Video of the performance here

Photos from painting here >

Fractal GOD – Angel

2010 – 2013  | 5x2m size print  | Fractal Art

LightART project (2013)


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Wedding after party (2013)

Decos, multimedia, lasers, projection / Bar Nota

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CS chillout (2013)

LESní zver 2013/ OPEN AIR
Sound, tent, decos, projection

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Fractal GOD (2012)


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Mega posters (2012)

Instalations on FREEZEFEST

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