UV Bodypainting no.15 (2014)

UV Goddess – twelve Handed/Fractal creator (2014)

New catch from zero dimension, the concept of UV Goddess.
It is a combination of UV Bodypainting (merging 6 photos)
in combination with fractals background.

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UV Bodypainting no.14 (2014)

Christmas party at the airport lounge

Cybernetic-system stage concept


2013 | 11″x16″ | Pencil on paper

UV Bodypainting no.13 (2013)

UV Bodypainting dance show (2013)

Video of the performance here

Photos from painting here >

Fractal GOD – Angel

2010 – 2013  | 5x2m size print  | Fractal Art

LightART project (2013)


Photos > Photogalery

Wedding after party (2013)

Decos, multimedia, lasers, projection / Bar Nota

Photos > Photogalery

CS chillout (2013)

LESní zver 2013/ OPEN AIR
Sound, tent, decos, projection

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Fractal GOD (2012)


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Mega posters (2012)

Instalations on FREEZEFEST

Photos  > Photogalery

OKODOME (2011)

FREEZEFEST / Stage concept + mirror mask

Photos > Photogalery / Mask making

Forest Fairy

2012  | 200x60cm | Fractal Art / digital
Digital materials are fractal creations in Mandelbulb 3D.
The symbolism is on the borderline between good and evil, and their continual dance of oscillations at different levels of being both space dimensions or macrocosm.